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Laura Crosland - 12 May 23 - HI-RES-74.jpg



Laura is a studio potter based at the Gaolyard Studios in St Ives, Cornwall. She creates unique wheel-thrown pots decorated with intricate hand carved geometric patterns. Laura's distinctive rich colours are created using layers of multiple glazes, fired to cone 6 oxidation. 


Laura studied ceramics at Wolverhampton University, graduating in 2013 with a BA Hons and an MA. 

She then worked for potters including Peter Beard and Penny Simpson, before moving to St Ives to complete an Adopt a Potter funded apprenticeship. There she trained in production pottery, leading to her range of tableware. 

Following this Laura moved to Kent and set up a studio at Nucleus Arts, before moving back to St Ives and setting up at the Gaolyard in 2018. 

Photograph courtesy of

Adj Brown, 2023

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